about us

Welcome to our company, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic Products for Industrial and domestic Purposes. The Company was established in 1992 by name of Prime Fiber Glass.

Product quality in itself is however in the process of losing its position as the sole Guarantee of competitive edge, owing among other things to the fact that quality differences in the goods produced by a number of leading suppliers have become less and less noticeable in recent years.

We make every effort to maintain our lead by supplying top - quality products.Our Watchwords are the Right Product to the Right Place, and at the Right Time, with Right Quality

Our range of FRP Products virtually covers Industrial products like Cabins, Engine/ Machine Canopies, Chemical Tanks, Ducting, Blowers, Fancassing, Exhaust Systems, Gutters etc. and Domestic products like Doors, Domes, Corrugated sheets, Plain sheets, Water Tanks, Planters etc. We have an excellent team of experienced personals to undertake Lining of Tanks / Vessels of any shape with FRP, FRB, FRV, PP, PVC etc. against chemical corrosion.

We also deals in manufacturing of customised products as per specification.

Innovations in our Product Design:

As FRP Engineers, we always strive to improve our product manufacturing process and procedures to bring better serving products for our valued clients.

We integrate innovation through our technology and tools knowledge, along with the changes in the Process Management.We use improved chemicals to enhance product performance. These values increase the benefits for our clients.

The more satisfied our clients, the more encouragements we get to be consistant on improving our services.